nXient is the master distributor of Identiv Products and Hirsch access control systems for security and identity management solutions to the Australian and New Zealand markets, and the Mobotix distributor to The Philippines market.

nXient provides a complete range of Identity Management solutions including our ID Concierge cloud-based ID platform.    ID Concierge allows users to create and manage their photo IDs, access control, and logical access credentials on an easy to use secure platform.

With in-house secure bureau service capabilities for credential issuance, personalisation, and fulfillment services for the consumer, government, and corporate customer, nXient offers clients ID systems management, and full implementation and program management. 

Our solutions bring together access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, digital certificates, smart cards and biometrics. Organizations use our solutions to successfully secure their facilities, digital assets and electronic transactions. Learn more at http://nxient.com 


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